Best Zero Turn Mowers to Buy

Below are 5 best zero turn mowers the best value for your money. This list was compiled from reviews collected from sites such as Amazon and the like. We also have used reviews from our site to determine the best. As a word of caution, we recommend that you read the reviews thoroughly to avoid buying the wrong mower. This is a high price item and in order to buy the best zero turn mower, reading the reviews is a must.

5 Best Zero Turn Mowers


What Should One Have in Mind When Buying The Best Zero Turn Mower?


Some manufactures are relatively new in home garden sector. One should look for established manufacturers with years of experience in farm tools. John Deere, Snapper, Craftsman, and Husqvarna are just a few companies with a lot of experience in this sector.  With years, they have perfected this industry. Everyone wants a zero turn mower that will do a good job and last for a long time. Therefore if you want the best zero turn mower, consider these brands.

Lawn size

Zero Turn mowers generally have double the speed of a riding lawn mower. If your yard has a lot of obstacles, buying a zero turn should be the best option. These mowers have maximum maneuverability as they have a motor attached to each of its each rear wheel. Each wheel can be independently controlled using a lever. Also due to its speed; these mowers tend to knock your yard in no time. If your yard is more than ½ acre, a Zero turn Mower is the best option.

Deck Size

Deck size should be one of the most important aspects to look for when buying a mower. The larger the deck size, the larger the area your lawn will be cut in one sweep. This means that you will mow your lawn in fewer passes. It will in turn save you mowing time. But there is a trade off as to what size of deck one should go for. If your lawn has many obstacles, then there is a limit of how big your deck should be. To allow maneuverability, you need a deck that can maneuver between the obstacles without problems. On the other hand if your lawn is an open field, buying a mower with the largest deck is the best option.

Engine Size

Engine size and its power is also an important factor to consider when buying a zero turn mower. If your yard is on a hilly or uneven terrain, a mower with a higher horse power is ample. On the other hand if your yard is relatively flat in an open field, going for one with a lower horsepower should be okay. Also what to be cut can determine the size of the engine you need. If your lawn has thick grass such as Bermuda grass you need a mower with more power. Engine size and its horsepower is the measure of how tough your mower is. Lower horsepower mowers tend get worn out quickly is cutting through thick grass.


For professional landscapers, speed is very vital. Likewise no one would want to spend the whole day in a hot summer day mowing. High horse powered mowers have great speed in getting the job done. Entry level and mid-grade mower top speeds range from 6mph to 7mph. Semi commercial mowers top speed is between 8-9mph. Commercial zero turn mower can mow grass at a speed between 13-14mph. Therefore if you like doing your chores faster, going for a mower with a higher horsepower is a better option.


In most cases, the price is the prime determinant factor many people consider when buying a zero turn mower. Entry level usually starts from $2000 while semi commercial or commercial mowers start from $5000. The latter are built from more durable parts. They are also made with welded steel instead of stamped parts. Due to their construction, they tend to last longer than the stamped ones. Therefore if you are a professional landscaper, it is advisable to close one eye on price. It will repay itself in no time. As for the regular person, going for a mower you can afford should always the best option. Do not strain yourself.

Pros and Cons of Zero Turn Mowers


  • Zero turn mowers make quick 180 degrees turns resulting in efficient mowing. No missed spots during mowing as common with riding lawn mowers.
  • Speedy mowing of your lawn. These mowers average 6-8mph while mowing. This is a substantial speed that helps to cut mowing time by as much as 40-50% compared to regular lawn tractor.
  • Due to high maneuverability, Zero turn mowers let you mow neatly and closely around obstacles. Regular lawn tractors have difficulties going around these obstacles.


  • Unable to mow on hilly slopes. Manufacturers recommend that if you must use your mower on a slope, it should be below 10 degrees. Zero turn mowers are heavy at the back and light in front. If used on a very steep slope, it might cause a tip over.
  • Gas consumption on these machines is higher compared to the regular mowers. In that note one can opt for electric ones which are appearing in the market today.
  • Price is another factor that makes these mowers not accessible. You might want to neatly and quickly mow your yard but a zero turn mower is out of reach due to its hefty price.

Common Problems of Zero Turn Mowers

Different zero turn mowers brands have different sets of problems. However there are those problems that universal and are common on most of the brands. Below, we will look at the common problems and their remedies. It is always recommended that you read the operator manual before you attempt to fix the problem.

Engine Fails to Start

  • Drive control levers not in the neutral and locked position when attempting to start. – Put them in neutral position.
  • Ensure that the battery if fully charged
  • Make sure that the PTO blades are in the OFF position.
  • Parking brake should be engaged.
  • Ensure Throttle and choke are in the right starting position.
  • Check whether there is good connection with the spark plug.
  • Check your fuel level and ensure that there is enough.
  • Clean fuel line and replace filter. If fuel is also dirty, damp it.
  • Check fuses and if blown, replace them.

Engine Hesitates at High RPM

  • Check the spark plug gap. It might be so close.

Engine is Stalling or Runs Abnormally

  • Check whether the coke is activated and if it is, bring it to the normal position.
  • Are the fuel lines  dirty ? If so, clean them.
  • Do the spark plugs have a good connections?
  • Ensure that the air cleaner is free from dirt.
  • Close gap in the fuel tank cap.

Engine Overheats

  • Check air filter for dirt and debris.
  • Remove debris from around the mowers fins and blower housing.

A lot of Vibration

  • Loose cutting blades. Tighten the blades
  • Bent or dull cutting blades. Make sure that you sharpen them and if damaged, buy new one.

Uneven Cut

  • Adjust the deck to proper operating position. The deck might not be level.
  • Also, tire pressure is another factor that can affect the cut. Make sure that the tire pressure is even on all the four wheels.
  • Uneven cut can be brought by dull or damaged blades. Ensure that they are sharpened or replaced.

These are a few problems that are associated with zero turn mowers. However there are so many more that were not mentioned here. There are problems that are unique to every brand. Again be sure to read the manufacturer’s operating manual for your mower.