Classic Accessories Log Rack Cover, Black

$32.49 (as of January 15, 2018, 9:00 am)

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Classic Accessories Log Rack Cover. Firewood can get rotten wet and insect ridden. These ultra- keeping wood in burning state that is prime, lasting Covers offer protection. Weather-X fabric with water-resistant backing for additional weather and abrasion protection; Air vents reduce inside condensation and wind lofting; Click- close straps snap legs finished to secure Cover on the most windy days. Size 4′: Fits racks 48 x 24 x 42″h. Size 8′: Fits stands 96 x 24 x 42″h. State Size. Purchase yours today!
Complete front opening for easy loading and unloading, secure front closure with fast hook-and- a bottom click and loop tabs -close buckle.
Air vents reduce inside wind and condensation lofting.
Padded handles for easy fitting and removal.
Elastic hem cord with toggle enables alteration to get a custom and tight fit.
Click- close straps snap legs over to fasten cover on the most blustery days.

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